2-4 May, 2024 – poltextLAB at the COMPTEXT 2024 Conference

Members of poltextLAB attended the Sixth International Interdisciplinary Conference on the Quantitative and Computational Analysis of Textual Data, held in Amsterdam between May 2-4, 2024.

At the COMPTEXT conference, poltextLAB’s research was showcased in the following presentations:

  • Miklós Sebők, Levente Pakot, Orsolya Ring, Csaba Molnár, Ákos Holányi:
    Drifting towards the East? An AI-supported analysis of the sentiment of Central-Eastern European parliaments towards great powers.

  • Áron Buzogány, Miklós Sebők, Melinda Manczinger:
    Evoking and Contesting Expertise in Parliaments: An AI-supported Analysis of Climate Change Debates in Seven Countries.

  • István Üveges, Orsolya Ring, Gabriella Szabó:
    Emotions over time. Are political debates more passionate than before?

  • Orsolya Ring, László Kiss:
    Uncovering disinformation: analyzing the thematic patterns and emotional content of Hungarian fake news portals during the COVID-19 pandemic and the Ukrainian war.

You can find the full conference program here.